Upcoming Events

Friday 16th August 2019 at 7.15pm and 8.30pm @The Victoria Tunnel – Steve Luck

Steve Luck performs some of his beautiful emotive and soothing piano compositions in (almost) pitch darkness in the remarkably atmospheric Victoria Tunnel. A real treat for the senses in a unique acoustic setting. There are two shows – one at 7.15pm and the other at 8.30pm. Availability is limited so early booking is advised.

The Great Northern Piano Session III

The third instalment of the Great Northern Piano Sessions has a typically varied line up with a little of something for everyone. It will feature the stunning soundscapes of the Suffolk based duo Pianofield, who make modern classical electronic music from piano and found sound, as well as the latest stunning collaboration between composer Garreth Broke and the artist Anna Salzmann called ‘Healing’ – a live piano performance accompanied by a video art installation on the big screen. Atmospherica founder Steve Luck, completes the line-up performing pieces from his latest album ‘Collected Piano Solos – Volume 1

The concert will take place on Thursday 26th September at 7.30pm at Gosforth Civic Theatre NE3 3HD. Tickets will be on sale from the Civic Theatre web site at https://www.gosforthcivictheatre.co.uk/great-north-piano-session-iii

Friday 11th October at 7.30pm @36 Lime Street Ian Boddy/Steve Luck

On Thursday 11th October at 7.30pm here in 36 Lime Street there will be the first in hopefully a long series of collaborations between Atmospherica founder Steve Luck and electronic music pioneer Ian Boddy. http://ianboddy.com/
A microphone next to the piano strings will feed Ian’s amazing modular synthesizer rack – look out for a beguiling combination of acoustic and electronic instruments.